2021 - Round Seven - Pembrey

Updated: Oct 12, 2021


Photo by Team ADS1928

There was no shortage of action again from the JSCC at Pembrey, but once again the Championship leader reigned supreme.

As the lights went out for the first race Hand led Ruben Hage into Hatchets, with Alfie Jeakins into third, as Will Redford lost out.

The lead soon began to grow, behind it was a three car fight though between Hage, Jeakins and Harvey Caton for second, until Caton started to lose ground.

Redford and Harry Smith were early pit visitors, but back at the front Caton had recovered and was alongside Jeakins into Hatchets on lap four.

Their duel had given Hage some respite but allowed Jamie Petters to close in too.

“A great start but I lost the tow to Ruben when I missed third gear,” said Jeakins.

But Loui Hounsell started to close on Petters too for the Rookie lead, as by lap 10 the top five had begun to spread out.

Photo by Peter Scherer

Matthew Cripps and Oliver Cottam were next for the pits, but with Hand almost home and dry, the fight for second started to come to the boil with two laps to go.

“I got a front puncture after contact,” said Cottam. “My front left bumper was dragging after contact too,” Cripps added.

Jeakins was all over Hage, which allowed Caton to join them.

With Hand taking the flag over six seconds clear, it was all eyes on second place. “It was one of my best starts, but it was hard to gauge the gap, so I just tried watching them in my mirrors,” Hand explained.

“Alfie had got me a few laps before the end, but I got him back when he overshot at the Complex. Then it was three abreast into the final corner and I lost out,” Hage explained.

“I got Ruben back at the Esses, I overshot the chicane and just got squeezed out at the end,” Jeakins added.

It was Caton that benefitted, however, “I was having problems with third gear too, but managed to close on Ruben and Alfie’s duel as they were going side by side. Then I got them both through the last corner,” he said after clinching second.

Photo by Team ADS1928

Aaron Walker had got past Petters on lap five and followed Hage home in a solitary fifth. “I lost it a bit near the end, both car and driver,” he reckoned.

In sixth Petters was the top rookie, but Adam Harding managed to catch his duel with Loui Hounsell. “I started to focus ahead and then saw Jamie and Loui’s duel and thought I fancied a bit of that,” said Harding as he managed to split the duo a lap from home. “He got me at the Esses when it slipped out of third gear, but it was a good start until I got a whack from Redford,” Hounsell added.

“I just focused on what Loui was doing too,” Petters admitted, after completing the top six and taking the Rookie victory.

It was Hand in charge from the start of the second race too, but Redford managed to tuck in behind as they rounded Hatchets. Jeakins was into third, with Caton forcing Hage out wide through Dibeni to take fourth, as Cottam followed.

“I had more wheelspin at the start, but when the safety car came out I wasn’t sure who was behind me,” Hand admitted.

Hage was back into fifth through Honda, with the lead pair starting pull away, Caton took Jeakins for third around the outside at Honda as they completed the second lap.

By lap four Redford had lost the tow to Hand, but with Caton clear in third, Hage challenged Jeakins and was fourth into Hatchets on the same lap. “I got hit by Ruben a couple of times and lost a few places,” said Jeakins.

Caton then began to reel in Redford too, “I made a mistake at Hatchets,” Redford admitted, as Caton was through on lap six. “Will drove very well, I only had one chance to get him,” Caton replied.

Photo by Peter Scherer

With cars off in a couple of places, a safety car then became red flags and the race was declared at seven laps, with Hand taking his second win, from Caton, Redford, Hage, Jeakins and Cottam.

Redford was caught by surprise at the start of the final race. “Charlie didn’t make such a good start, but I had planned to tuck in behind and follow him. So I had the lead and thought I had better get on with it,” he said.

“I missed two gears at the start, so just sat behind Will, while we got a gap,” Hand replied.

Jeakins was into third from Hage and Caton, but Hounsell’s race was over when Meakin hit him hard exiting Spitfires. “It took the valve out of my tyre,” he said.

Hand gradually started to press for the lead, and after a whole lap side by side Redford finally succumbed into Hatchets. “I just went for it into the Hairpin,” he said.

With the battles behind, Redford was able to retain his well-deserved second place.

Caton had been chasing Jeakins and Hage from the start. He got Hage on lap four and Jeakins a lap later into the Esses, before consolidating third place. “After the battle at the start had held me up a bit, Charlie and Will had gone by the time I got clear,” said Caton.

“I had still had some gearbox problems, but enjoyed that,” said Jeakins after coming home fourth. It hadn’t gone well for Hage however, as he went into freefall with a lack of power and finished in penultimate place.

But the fight to complete the top six remained unsettled to the fag, with Cripps finally getting the verdict over Meakin and Cottam, after Walker had two overshoots exiting the Complex.

“Great race and I think I explored all the limits,” said Cripps. “I think I overheated the brakes and couldn’t stop,” Walker reckoned.

There’s only a two-week break to the next rounds, at Donington Park on October 24th!

Photo by Oliver Read

Published for the Junior Saloon Car Championship by Peter Scherer, October 11th 2021