The JSCC Scholarship will return...

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the prize

- Race entry and registration fees for the full JSCC season!

- BARC Race Membership for the full season!

- The use of a competitive race car for the full JSCC season!

- Transportation of the car to every event and storage between meetings!

- Race season supply of Dunlop tyres!

- Full website design (hosting/domain not included)

- Full day of pre-season testing!

Plus the Exclusive Scholarship Livery!


the venue

to be confirmed...

the day

to be confirmed...

Previous years events have included:

- Circuit Briefing

- Driving Assessment (On track action)

- Autotest (Car control and manoeuvrability)

- Media Interview (1 to 1)

- Fitness Test (Group activity)

- A timed team building activity

- "Options Fair" with JSCC teams to discuss the series & motorsport.

- Goodybag to take home

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from the previous scholars...



terms and conditions apply.

The cost of entering the scholarship is £595.

The scholarship is limited to 30 entrants, aged between 14-17 years old, and entrants do not need to have an ARDS license or any previous race experience. Entrants must ensure they are available for the competition date. The prize will be awarded at the close of the competition. Entrants under 14 may be considered if they are 14 at the start of the season or they wish to practice for a future scholarship entry. So long as they can reach the steering wheel/pedals, and are deemed to be able to control a car in a safe and controlled manner an entrant will be considered for the Scholarship


Please note that in order to enter the scholarship, entrants and parents/guardians will be given a mandatory indemnity form which must be signed before entrants are eligible to partake in the scholarship. This includes liability for potential costs incurred for damage to cars.

For any questions about the scholarship, please contact us via our social media for a fast response. 

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