We are very proud and excited to announce our new driver initiative, JSCC – The YoungOnes!

JSCC - The YoungOnes, firmly puts the young racers out there, in the driving seat of one of our JSCC race cars. It has become apparent that there are quite a few 9 to 13 year olds who already have their eyes on circuit racing at 14 and want to race with us,

they now have the chance to drive our race cars and get closer to the action, more than ever before.

Being part of the Young Ones, you will not just get to drive our cars, but you will also become part of an exclusive group of drivers and receive some other great benefits. As the biggest Junior car series in the UK, you can now apply to be part of the Young Ones and be part of something amazing! 

Time to get excited!


Are you ready for some on track action and want to join the JSCCYoungOnes?

Do you want support from the JSCC YoungOnes in your motorsport journey?

Do you want access to exclusive merch and goodies?

Download and complete a registration form and send it to jsccyoungones@gmail.com.

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